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Headshots top 10 tips

Building your business relationships online is essential in today's world. Standing out from the crowd is paramount. Our tips will help you make a lasting impression whether on LinkedIn, your website or any media you need to show your Business Headshot in Miami.

top tip 1

Relate to your client base

Successful business people understand they need the approval of those they come in contact with. Your first contact with a potential client is through your Corporate Headshot. We bring out your strengths in the images we take. People do business with real people, so be yourself. Corporate Headshot Miami clients see their pictures and say "that is exactly me". Isn't that precisely the first impression you want to make?

We take the time to get to know you and what you do so that we can guide you to choose a style of Business Photoshoot that reflects your market. Casual or formal, bring the outfits that fit you best, we will do the rest.

top tip 2

Be yourself

It's not as easy as sitting down and putting on a fake smile. We know this and are here to coach you through your Corporate Headshot Photoshoot. From the moment you walk in we do all the work. Hair and make up will make you look and feel fabulous. Our Business headshot Photographers will guide you through every pose.

Skip out on the coffee the morning of your shoot. Hot drinks can make you look clammy. Have a good breakfast and hydrate with juice or water. Don't over do it though, we don't want you to feel bloated or tired.

top tip 3

Do your homework

Have fun practicing a natural look in the mirror. Have a friend or spouse help you the day before. Of course we will guide you on the day, however it is important to come somewhat prepared.

top tip 4

Help us help you

We recommend you wash your hair the night before and arrive with it clean and dry. Help our make up artist by coming in with clean skin that is free of any oils. AVOID spray tans at all costs! Help us give you that professional look that will last you for years to come. No matter how good you think you are at doing your own hair and make up, when faced with 10,000 watts of studio lighting, it will not be sufficient. There is no substitute for professional hair and make up, and we have the best in the business. Our reputation relies on it. Trust us to know what we are doing.

top tip 5

Decide on the colors that look best on you

Keep it simple. Patterns are distracting. Strong, solid colors work best (black, blue, brown, red, green, yellow or orange). Definitely bring some colors to compliment a white shirt or blouse.

top tip 6

Sweet dreams

We know it's tough to find the time to get a full nights sleep. This is your perfect excuse. 7 hours of sleep translates into a sharp, effective and confident image. We will make sure your energy comes through in your images.

top tip 7

Go for colour and quality

Black and white headshots can often look dated so make sure your shots are all in colour which will help your personality shine through. Keep your pictures crisp, make sure they're of a high resolution (typically 300dpi) and where possible get both portrait and landscape shots to suit any page layout.

top tip 8

Shop for quality

Color images let your personality shine through. Your images should be sharp and crisp. At Corporate Headshot Miami we provide you the highest quality images at 300dpi full resolution. We give you plenty of variety in both portrait and landscape, so that you can use your images online, for flyers or business cards or blow them up for billboards. We have plenty of backgrounds and a variety of furniture. You won't get this much variety anywhere else.

top tip 9

Communicate your needs

Websites like LinkedIn, Twittter, and Instagram will automatically crop your images. Your business website may require a specific crop as well. Talk to us about your specific needs and watch as we exceed your expectations. Guaranteed!

top tip 10

Keep it in the studio

Lighting is the most important part of an image. We understand light better than anyone. Studio lighting creates a polished image, whereas natural light is well, more natural. Both have a place in Business Headshot Photography. We have the flexibility to offer you both, and you can decide which best suites your needs.

Some common mistakesSome common mistakes

pre-shoot advice

100 + Different ways to tie a tie knot! Who knew? Have fun practicing the perfect knot for you by following this guide to the top 30:

Solid color ties made from pure silk look sharp. For a more casual look go for a knitted tie. If in doubt bring a few and let us give you our advice.

shirts and suits

What a difference a fitted shirt makes. Splash out and be George Clooney for a day. It's well worth it. When it comes to shirts white or pastels look best. Tailored suits also stand out. Solid colors work best. Stay away from stripes or patterns.

less corporate looking styles

Being in Miami we like to dictate fashion and sometimes it doesn't include a suit and tie. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a techy, a trendy chef, an artist or a blogger and worth millions like Mark Zuckerberg, you will have the need to express yourself, and we encourage this, but please ... stay away from HOODIES. Instead, think more along the lines of contemporary fashion. Plan your outfits to look sharp and feel confident. Inspire your prospective clients to reach out to you.

nails and accessories

You may have heard it over and over again: You are your best accessory. Prepare well by getting a manicure. Yes that's right, we just said get a manicure. Clean looking nails add to your image of success. Add accessories like a watch, pocket square, tie pin and cuff links. Clients want to connect with successful people. Let us help you put your best foot forward.

advice for women

We recommend a suit jacket with any dress or blouse to give you a flattering contrast. Keep it Miami and go sleeveless for natural light images. Keep your blouses solid light colors like whites and pastels, and keep the jackets darker. Avoid complex patterns as they will look distorted once we process your images.

choosing necklaces

Coloring hair digitally is time consuming and rarely looks real. Visit a salon prior to your appointment to take care of your roots and definitely have our hair and make up stylist, style your hair. Make the extra effort and be extra happy.
Amazing looking nails will help you stand out from the crowd. French manicured, pale/nude colors for professionals or dark deep colors for a more casual look. If you are planning on different colored outfits it's best to keep the nail color neutral.
Make the extra effort and be extra happy.

less corporate looking styles

Step out in style and express yourself your way. Miami reinvents itself constantly and it's not always with a business suit. Define your passion for your work with a contemporary look that your new clients will connect with.

Always deliver more than expected - Larry Page

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Tips on how to improve your CORPORATE HEADSHOT online and on your linkedIn profile by the Corporate heashot Photographers in Miami.

Research has shown the 'team page' is the third most viewed page on any website. What does your team page say about you?
At Corporate Headshot Miami we are here make sure your images make a lasting impact on your clients and keep them coming back and referring their friends and family. It's the only way to ensure growth and sustainability in any business.
We encourage you to look at your competition and come in with some ideas that will allow us to translate your vision in the photographs we take of you. We are a connected society and as such we need to make sure our image inspires every prospective client to connect with us.
Some people tell us they hate having their picture taken. Well that is why you choose to come to Corporate Headshot Miami. Trust us to guide you through the whole process, making it a fun experience as well as an investment that will bring you many returns. Feel free to call our team of Corporate Headshot Photographers in Miami with any of your questions.